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Retrofit an old camera lens


From the MAKE Flickr pool
Utilize that classic lens on a new DSLR camera.
Member Arkku writes –

A Contessa Nettel Cocarette camera attached to my Sony DSLR A100 by means of sticking an 11mm M42 extension to the rear port of the camera. The moving lens assembly allows infinity focus to be achieved, enabling the 105mm f/4.5 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens to be utilized with the DSLR.

Contessa Nettel Cocarette on the Sony DSLR A100 on Flickr –Link

4 thoughts on “Retrofit an old camera lens

  1. I wonder if this would work for a vibrating-lens depth of field adapter. You can get those old cameras for cheap at yard sales and flea markets.

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