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This month we continue the best of “Weekend Projects” with Bre Pettis. This particular episode was made to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of Weekend Projects and features the flames to prove it! If you haven’t seen this podcast, its a doozy. Be sure not to burn your house down, and join Bre as he makes a JAM JAR JET!

This pulse jet works by igniting a flame, which pushes the gas out of the jar and then bit of a vacuum that it leaves sucks the air back in and the circle is repeated. Watch the video and download the pdf to learn how to make it!

12 thoughts on “Jam Jar Jet – Best of Weekend Projects

  1. This project is AWESOME! I made one for a chemistry project last year. My teacher let me dissolve some different salts in the methanol to change the color of the flame…try it if you have access.

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