Just in time for Valentine’s Day, My Beating Heart has released a new batch of snuggly beating pillow toys. From the site:

When hugging My Beating Heart, the physical heartbeat may remind you of hugging a purring pet or loved one. Hold the Heart a moment and you’ll begin to sense your own heartbeat slowly syncing with My Beating Heart’s carefully designed rhythm. My Beating Heart employs new advances in computer science, Artifical Intelligence, and haptic design. But we also developed the technology inside each Heart by combining the practice of meditation and yoga with software and hardware development. This lead us to design a small micro-computer to run of out specially made software.

Originally designed by Yury Gitman, the My Beating Heart line is an excellent example of a tech-savvy entrepreneurial business that has really taken off!I love the new smaller size, which I can imagine would be perfect for traveling long distances in the car. – Link.