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Make Pt0390
Ok Makers here’s a fun one – we have a race team. We’ll have a LeMons car (the car is an Escort, but not the one pictured above) – but what we don’t have is a team name. This is where you come in, name our racing team! If we pick yours I’ll send you out some cool stuff for the Maker store and you’ll be part of history! Here are some names that were tossed around to get you started! These are examples only, don’t use these.

  • Driving Insane
  • Make: Dorks in Motion
  • Make: DIY Hard
  • The 88 Horses of Make (the car has a factory rating of 88hp)
  • The Crazy 88
  • Make’s e Do-it-Your-Own-Damn-Selfers
  • The Makequake
  • Make:Believe!
  • Make:Like a racecar
  • Sleek Geeks
  • Make:Drive:Repeat
  • Power Conductor
  • Make’s The Soldering Iron in the Eye Fighting Dorks Superfast Racing Team
  • Ford Almighty
  • The Spirit of Silverlake
  • The Full-Bladder Sprinters
  • The Fleet Ford Freaks of Fast
  • The Speedbot Wranglers

These won’t do, we need your help. START YOUR ENGINES – post up in the comments!

280 thoughts on “Name the MAKE race team!

  1. Oh My God, two of my favorite things, Make and LeMons hoonage shenanigans! AWESOME! Anyway, I agree with Vulcanis, Warranty Void or Duct Tape and Paperclips sounds awesome. However, for the livery, I suggest copying my Forza car that I got frontpaged for back in August:

    Of course, do it up in spraypaint, but I would be so pumped if my Forza spray had at least a little bit of inspiration for the Make LeMons hoonmobile.

  2. The Incredible-Indelible Petrol-Powered Locomotion Engine


    “The Duct tape Deathtrap”

    The Maneuverable Accelerating Kombustion Engine (“MAKE”)

    Make: 4 wheels, a dream, and a s***-load of duct tape.

  3. Make:88
    Make:Like a racer and drive
    The Makemobile
    The Great Make Eighty-Eight

    Dirkus, deviezeman, you beat me to Make:Tracks and Make:Skidmarks!

  4. Make: It Pimpin
    Make: Pimp it!
    Lock out tag out
    Make: WTF!!1!
    Make: Engine not included
    Make: Hacked (To Pieces)
    I live in my mothers basement

    Thats all I got

  5. Make: eS Cargo

    Made in Silver Lake

    Don’t MAKEzine us made!

    All jacked up



    Make: It’s in the bag

  6. M33T Your Makers (with 33 in case you need a racing number)

    WAKE (with M into W)– (take it however you find it — mostly I think of it in funereal terms.)


    Escort Service

  7. MAKE: Love Not War

    Frauenfelder’s Folly

    P.T. Wrecking & Towing

    Meet Your Makers

    You Have No Chance To Survive MAKE: Your Time

  8. Car Name Suggestions:

    Team Name Suggestions:
    MAKE:PE+KE (If you didn’t get it, think TME)

  9. MAKE:
    Making All Kareen Evasively

    Making All Drive Evasively
    Mobile Arduino Driving Experience

    Garage World Tour

    got tools?

  10. I was at the inaugural 24hrs of lemons at flat rock speedway in MI!

    I really like the above ideas:
    Make: Left Turns
    Make: shift Racing

    I don’t have a good team name, but they should put this on the bumper:
    Drive it like you Made it

  11. MAKE: -anical Advantage
    on the MAKE:
    LeMon -ator
    MAKE: Tracks
    MAKE: Haste
    MAKE: Way
    MAKE: Zoom x3
    DIY Neckbrace
    DIY Body Cast

  12. MAKE: it

    MAKE: #1

    MAKE: No. 1

    MAKE: Number One

    MAKE: Number 1

    MAKE: Sense

    MAKE: me something

    MAKE: It 2 da Finish

    Meet Your MAKEr

    The MAKEr Team

    MAKE: me a sandwich

    MAKEr Mashup

    MAKE Z-Nerds

    Ooh, Shiny! (maybe it will distract the other drivers)
    But more importantly what is your battle cry?

    GeekDad Ken – I’m going to have to go to the video store, I haven’t seen that in a while.

  14. Make:Time
    Altoid Tin Racing, (ATR)
    Made: Ford Tough
    Re-Built Ford Tough
    Have you Modded a Ford lately?
    Have you Made: a Ford Lately?
    I Make: for Checkered Flags
    Make: Bold Moves

    I love Make:Shift, It sounds so nissan

  15. VeloCT
    Team FaerieKill 6000
    Burt Reynold’s Mustache – The Team
    SeXboX 360
    The Amish
    The Really Fast Tea Party
    The Slender Dandies
    Danger Zone (only good if you wear flight suits and play volleyball)
    The Communist Party

  16. 1) MAKE: it to the finish
    2) Team Slideways
    3) Drive It Yourself
    4) MAKE: Drive It Yourself (DIY)
    5) MAKE:3R
    6) Meet your MAKE:3R
    7) MAKE:3R’s
    8) Formula MAKE:
    9) MAKE: mine fast
    10) Motoring A Krappy Escort

    Don’t forget to tighten the nut behind the wheel before the race!

  17. MAKE:Circuit Board Killers

    Circuit Board Killers

    Circuit Killers

    Circuit R US — revers the R

    Circuit Benders

    Team Circuit

    FMM – Formula Make Mag

    Circuit is my word of the day!!!

  18. MakeMyRide
    McWheels (more appropriate if McDonalds makes a car)

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