Here is how to make a 2-channel RF transmitter and receiver that works on the 418 MHz frequency. Unlike IR remotes, this one can work through walls and at a greater distance too. It’s perfect for closing the garage door or anything else that you are too lazy to get up and do. – Link

10 thoughts on “2-channel RF Transmitter

  1. How long does it take to send a signal and will multiple transmitters interfere with each other?

    I’m wondering if this can by used with several transmitters sending different codes to make a wireless trivia gameshow type buzzer.

  2. I was all over the web looking for something like this last Halloween when I wanted to add a stand down command to my 10 foot tall animatronic scare crow?


  3. Austringer, I’m pretty sure you can buy something similar to this as is for a lot less than it would cost to make this.

    The beauty of this build is that you can customize it (for example have one relay turn off after 10 minutes.)

  4. Chào. bạn có thể cho tôi một số mạch điện phát fm đơn giản khô can use google translate my language(vietnames)thank you so much.

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