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Zygote Interactive Ball in action at Building Interactive Playgrounds, Italy

ZYGOTE is a lightweight inflated ball, illuminated from within, that responds to pressure applied to its surface. Interacting with the ball is simple: punch it, bounce it, squeeze it, or tap it and the ball’s internal LEDs react instantaneously. Dozens of balls released to an energetic audience at a major music concert, transform the environment into a multi-sensorial, interactive playground, actively engaging the crowd in a shared experience. Each ball also can act as both an input and an output device by being networked to a central computer. This allows for more complex interaction, as the crowd can modify the graphics on a screen, make the balls light up in unison, or even affect the music.

It’d be interesting to see one of these cross-bred with a reinforced Blubber Bot.

Zygote on Vimeo –Link

Interactive LED Lantern
Interactive sound LED sequence paper lantern –Link