LED tunnel of noise . . . box

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Makaaberi built this interesting box o’ sound and vision –

This has a wee noise generating circuit coupled with a led blinker to act as a vco, built inside a cheap led-light tunnel. Makes many funny noises greatly annoying my beloved wife. ^^

It’s true, the wives seldom love noisey waves of DIY. *sigh* –Link

In the Maker Store:
Noise Toy Kit
Loud Objects Noise Toy Kit –Link

6 thoughts on “LED tunnel of noise . . . box

  1. This wife loves noisy waves of DIY. :)

    She also loves the fun perks of being married to an electronics tech–heated toilet seats, closet lights that turn on and off automatically, and a Switchcraft button for my car’s horn. :)

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