Quentin Lengelé put together a cool demo for a Flash application that uses the Papervision 3D library to pan around a 360 degree video while it’s playing:

The idea was to apply the BitmapData of that movie on a GeoSphere.

The GeoSphere is made in 3DSMAX with flipped faces and exported in ASE Format.
The ASE Format is readable by Papervision3D.

Then you just need to draw your bitmapData into a texture you apply to the ASE in ActionScript.

I’d be really interested in seeing a DIY version of the 360 degree camera hardware. Has anyone taken something like this on?

360 Degree Video with PaperVision 3D – [via] Link

18 thoughts on “360 degree video in Flash

  1. There is also a trick for ‘toggling’ comments, a single character can comment out one piece of code, and uncomment another:



  2. If you’re in C or C++, use the preprocessor instead, like this

    #if 0
    if ( foo == bar )

    Changing the 0 to a 1 uncomments. Bonus, you don’t have to worry if there is an existing /**/ comment block in the code you’re commenting out. Double bonus, you can nest #if statements.

  3. ifdef’s are way better for removing code because they always work, even if you are removing code that has comments in it

  4. I used to do almost exactly the same thing, depending on syntax highlighting to reveal the comments.

    I do occasionally but almost every other time I use #ifdefs. Much long but MUCH more formal and it allows me to see the code that’s being hidden in the syntax highlighting – or conversely, if someone’s reviewing my code and doesn’t have syntax highlighting, the fact that those lines of code are not being compiled is far more obvious with the #ifdefs.

  5. You know, quickly toggling CSS comments (with their damn C-style comments only) has always driven me crazy. This is a great idea.

  6. It may be neat for a while, but when you return to your code in 6 months, you’ll find that the code is now less readable.

  7. You could also use the blockcomment plugin for vim. Admittedly, it’s a little more than a single character (select block + x and same to uncomment)

  8. If you need to put documentation, liscence, or other rather uniform (i.e. you want to script their insertion) headers on something written in scheme and C you can do something like:

    ;; Commentary here

    and have only one script. Depending on compiler settings the C compiler might whine about empty statements, but there’s really no way arround that one. This way you only need one headerify script.

  9. I’ve used

    Old Version
    New version

    in the past, which can be toggle between the two blocks with an extra * in the top line.

  10. I use this frequently:
    #if 1
    // New code here
    // old code here

    Changing the 1 to a 0 allows you to quickly switch between the old and new code. If you’re making multiple changes, just do:
    #define NEW_CODE 1
    #if NEW_CODE
    This allows flipping multiple blocks between old and new with a single change.

  11. I wanted to post about the comment toggling but Twan and Robin both beat me to it! It’s funny to see how many people have discovered and use that little trick.

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