Yahoo recently released an official AS3 API for Yahoo! Maps, which provides another option for Flash-based GIS applications. This adds to Mapquest’s official AS3 API and a couple of partially-complete, open source AS2 APIs for Google Maps.

All of these services provide the traditional AJAX APIs, of course, and that’s perfect for a lot of uses. By using Flash as the rendering engine, though, there are new options available for the developer. Things like incremental scaling between tile sets, map rotation, and more advanced multi-level vector and raster overlays immediately come to mind.

Yahoo! Maps for ActionScript 3.0 – Link
Google Maps Flash Interface – Link
MapQuest AS3 API – Link
UMap: Google Maps Flash Overlay (flash above above AJAX map) – Link

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  1. Part of me wonders if, like the vi recovery, this could be useful? If you allocated memory with recognizable patterns and built-in checksums, could you recover from a crash with some data intact and automatically pick up where you left off? If you took it further, could you segregate RAM for the OS and RAM for the applications, and use error correcting codes in the application space to facilitate a recovery?

  2. Under Intel Macs (and probably other platforms) you can do something similar if you have deep sleep “hibernate” enabled. Using pmset -g hibernatefile will spit out the path of the file used to store the RAM’s content on hibernate. That file is never whiped until the next hibertante. Run strings over it to have a nice list of all the strings it contains! Note that the file has a permission mask of 500.