Kate Westerholt’s Cross-Stitched Samplers

Wendy writes in about Kate Westerholt’s cross-stitched samplers, which mix traditional imagery with rap lyrics and more. Link.
• Fargo Movie Poster in Cross-Stitch – Link.
• Using Pixel Fonts for Cross-Stitch – Link.
• Icons in Cross-Stitch – Link.

4 thoughts on “Kate Westerholt’s Cross-Stitched Samplers

  1. Awesome. I am a huge fan of subversive cross stitch and alternative ways of expressing ones self through needlepoint. These were beautiful and kick ass.

  2. Kate Westerholt’s so-called subversive samplers might be impressive if ANY of them were original. Sadly they are not, and she is in serious breach of copyright regulations. If you require proof, take a look at the ORIGINAL samplers on thesamplercompany.com website.

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