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The plotting machine

This is an interesting use for an old plotter. It is able to hold a pen, a scribe, even an LED light for making drawings using a camera and a long exposure time.

We converted a plotting machine into an output device, that can draw, scratch or cut with almost any traditional drawing technique, in order to achieve aesthetics looking neither drawn by hand nor produced with only a computer. Most interesting and inspiring are all the little mistakes this machine produces, because of too much data, too much water, color, pressure etc.

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14 thoughts on “The plotting machine

  1. Sceptic, that is what I wanted to post too. People have converted a plotter into a plotter… Look, I have converted my car into a “car machine,” and now it makes funny errors when I drive around!

    Come on Make:, there’s definitely better projects out there than this one.

  2. Wow, amazing stuff! I have seen this thing in a documenting movie. The machine went to the water bucket, the color buckets and after a certain length of the stroke it went back again to get some more color or clean the brush to get some other color – and all of this automatically, sick!

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