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Triassic Triops, space farms – bring back creatures from the dead (and solar car kits)

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@The NYC Toy fair 2008 Toyops had a giant bio-green-science area where they had their Triassic Triops, Space Farms, Just Look and Tree Toys’ Wild Science products. Triops are shrimp that look like horseshoe crabs and date back to the Triassic Period in fossil records, they’re also known as dinosaur shrimp — you bring them back to life by adding water to the eggs of these “living dead” creatures. They’re pretty hardcore little critters.

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They had a giant ant home, with tubes, plants and rock – the ants were tossing in gravel to mess with the Triops and then later hung out on the plant for the rest of the time I was there… planning.

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They also had some nice solar and air car kits.


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6 thoughts on “Triassic Triops, space farms – bring back creatures from the dead (and solar car kits)

  1. I had triops too! Way cooler than goldfish. Their eggs are hardcore…but the animals themselves are kind of fragile. Eight-year-olds have enough trouble remembering to feed animals that can follow and bark at them. What you find in the bowl is the aftermath of Highlander…the ravaged carapaces of the defeated, with one exceptionally fat and happy looking Triops.

  2. I had the triops and kept them well-fed but the same thing happened they are just vicious and will fight down to one. Its a nice alternative to sea monkeys though.

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