The ironing board gas scooter

Chris built this scooter using an engine from a 1960’s snow blower. What makes this scooter different from the rest? It has suspension, headlights, turn signals and parts from an old ironing board. Did I mention he gets 68 mpg and a top speed of 40 mph, scary!

As the scooter is moving it charges the thirty cell NiCd battery, via an automotive type alternator salvaged from the junkyard. During a power outage, I can simply jack the scooter in the air, and generate power to run appliances, which consume less than 800 watts.

An attraction to all, the scooter helps me to relax after a long day of work. There is nothing better than driving full speed and feeling the wind try to rip you off the scooter. Rain, sleet, snow or fog there is nothing stopping me from enjoying my most prized possession.

I can think of one thing stopping you, how about the local police? Either way, it must be a lot of fun to ride – Link

Dane and his brother Chris emailed me an updated link and video of the scooter in action.

  • Direct link to the scooter page – Link
  • Google video – Link


  • 3 speed chainsaw belt driven scooter – Link