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Phil has created the Panobot using an Arduino, a Pololu Servo Controller, and a few servos. The Panobot takes panoramic photographs automatically, and it seems to work incredibly well. According to the comments on flickr, he is planning on posting the code and his build process in the next few weeks. – Link

Here is a great example of what it can do – Link

12 thoughts on “The Panobot v1.0

  1. It seems to make more sense to rotate the camera around the image plane, i.e. use the camera mount screw as the point of rotation? If not that, then maybe around the center of gravity – looks like it has to overcome an immense amount of torque the way it’s done…

  2. @Gyro Gearloose

    The pan and tilt axis need to be aligned with the lens entrance pupil. If not aligned, parallax errors will prevent proper stitching of the pictures in spherical panoramas.

    Here’s a list of the parts I used to create my panobot.

    There’s still a lot of programming to be done. When completed it will have the ability to create spherical panoramas, gigpans, time-lapse panoramas, etc.

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