Make the Itty Bitty Radio Telescope

This looks like a really interesting, and fairly easy, project to build. The problem was, I wasn’t really sure what you could actually detect once you finished it. Luckily, the web site has a link to a PDF that has experiments you can perform with your new radio telescope.

This system is NOT a radio astronomy system to be used for serious sky surveys,
but it is a tremendous starter unit to give you the excitement of detecting the Sun,
your own body radiation or just 300 deg. K tree branches.

DIY radio telescope – Link
What to do next? – PDF Link

8 thoughts on “Make the Itty Bitty Radio Telescope

  1. I’d like to have one, but don’t have time to make it.
    Also, some of those parts seem to be NLA. Reach me at
    w-b-r-u-n-o at g-mail without the -‘s.

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