RFID tags contain a unique electronic signature. Artist and grad student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Lisa Smith has designed these forms that have a unique form to match that signature. She calls her process the “cuteness generator.” Lisa writes:

The forms are generated with a small piece of front end software, with partial control from the user (for example, there is a cuteness<->grossness slider, and they can specify the number of eyes, but the form is also linked to their age and other friends/family in the system, etc). It pulls from sticker/graffiti culture, urban toy culture, and also heraldry (allows for the visual expression of human relationships and room for a visual subculture to emerge in the system).

These toys are made by a 3D printer, then cast in plastic. They’re designed for kids to “slowly gather informational histories as the kids interact with each other and grow.” – [via] Link.