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Backpack bike trailer


Lonny Grafman writes in about a tutorial on making your own bike trailer. The folks at the Appropedia wiki write:

It’s a lot of fun hauling cargo around on a bike. A bike trailer can make a bicycle more practical for transporting groceries, laundry, friends, etc. This is one of the least-expensive bike trailer designs out there, all that is needed to build a backpack-frame bike trailer is an old external-frame backpack, 18 feet of metal conduit, and some other hardware.

Make your own bike trailer from a frame pack – Link.

12 thoughts on “Backpack bike trailer

  1. Thanks for the post Becky and thanks for the correction Aaron. I see that there are some conversations on other blogs linking back to this blog about the backpack bike trailer. Some have questioned the stability of the trailer. Just wanted to mention here that not only is it light, but it is very strong and stable.

    Thanks again and happing biking.

  2. He’s not wearing a helmet!

    But that aside, this would be extremely useful. Much better than trying to carry a huge load of shopping etc on your back while cycling.

  3. Am I the only one who noticed that road is wet? And the rider’s bike has no fenders? What ever is in that trailer is going to be COVERED in road grime and sludge. Pehaps this guy should continue to leave the helmet at home?

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