Backyard brewery

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Knormie explains his blunt but effective home brewery –

My homebrew setup. On the right is the Bike Pump Sparge System (BPSS – pat pend). Air is pumped into the Cornelius keg and 180 degree water is forced out and into the mash/lauter tun. Fresh wort then runs out through the custom wort delivery pipe and into the bottom of the brew kettle. After boiling, the kettle is manually lifted to where the mash tun is positioned and attached to the counterflow wort chiller for delivery into a glass carboy (not shown) for fermentation. Crude, but effective.

Hey – whatever gets the job done. –Link

And in case you’re wondering – “Wort” refers to the sugary liquid extracted from the mashing portion of the brewing process –Link


Build your own Bender beer brewery –Link