Make a pizza box solar oven


This homemade oven is built from a recycled pizza box, aluminum foil, plastic, glue, and construction paper. It can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees F. which makes it a pretty effective homebrew oven, although it might take you twice as long to cook something than a conventional oven would. Still it’s a nicely done project with instructions.

Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven – Link

24 thoughts on “Make a pizza box solar oven

  1. Mmmmmm! Meat cooked to 150 deg. F. Yum. I’m going to invite Sam -n- Ella to come to dinner!

    all kidding aside – that’s not warm enough to kill bacteria…

  2. Actually if I’m not mistaken, it’d do just peachy for jerking meat. It’d be a nice slow dry. You’d probably want to make a rack for it so air would flow, though.

  3. Beef only needs to reach 145 degrees to be safe to eat. Anyone ever heard of a crock pot? It would take several hours, but if the heat wasn’t allowed to escape no problem. Poultry would be another issue.

  4. I’ve heard of a crock pot. This isn’t hot enough to cook meat – sorry. Ever hear of heat transfer? Ever hear of the sun going down? 1 hour either side of noon you might have 150. Then you’d be chasing flies away as the sun declines. Pizza cooks at 400 minimum, crappy pizza. Good pizza cooks at 800.

  5. Actually solar ovens work. They just have to be insulated enough. The trick is to put a box *inside* another box so that there is very little heat transfer. Wadded up newspapers in between the walls of the two boxes help too. Mine also used thin plexiglass instead of saran-wrap for the window. That seems to help reduce heat escaping through the top.

    My oven got up to 210 F within an hour on a sunny day in fall. I put *frozen* chicken breasts, asparagus and raw potatoes in a black pot and left it for around 3 hours. Perfectly done and great! They can work. Keep trying. If you can get consistently above 180 for a couple hours you should be good.

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