Here’s an excellent recreation of the K-9 (Mk II, I believe) from the BBC’s classic Doctor Who series. The maker did a very thorough job on the panelling and used an RC tank for locomotion – unfortunately no design measurements are supplied in the build documentation. – Link

Of course that’s not the only K-9 in service, here’s one built around a Linux PC to promote a school’s robotics class –


The first robot to roam the halls of GHCA is K9, a robot dog based on the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who. I created K9 myself as a way to jump-start our Robotics program. K9’s main purpose is to “ooh and ahh” students, hopefully encouraging an interest in the field of robotics. I used common angle iron and 1/4 nuts and bolts to assemble K9’s “skeleton”, much like an Erector Set from years gone by. In fact, K9’s head was built using an Erector Set from 1971! Sheet metal provides the finished look for our class mascot.

Now where’s that Gentoo-based Sarah Jane? – Link

HOW TO – make a Dalek – Link

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