Dishwashers are so last week. I want a Readybot! Not only will this robot clean the dishes, it will tidy up the whole kitchen and you don’t even have to give it an allowance. Hopefully this will become a reality soon, because I need one…NOW! – Link

8 thoughts on “Readybot will clean your kitchen

  1. That’s the slowest robot ever. I guess if you turned it on when you went to sleep, it would probably be done when you wake up. Hopefully it doesn’t make too much noise

  2. LMAO! I can’t stop laughing!

    Major design flaw; it doesn’t have elbows to put glassware in the sink. What does it do, just dump in the dishes and hope for the best? I guess you’d have to use paper plates, which is a good thing, too, because it can’t get wet, right?

    The music is killing me! Ha ha ha!

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