ABC’s American Inventor – Recap, Episode 2

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Here we go again – the second episode of ABC’s American Inventor. Before we get started, be sure to check out our coverage of the two hour premiere and the forum where you can post about it. ABC is reporting that 37 million people watched last week.And we’re back, this week is Chicago. Meet the judges, these guys are hardcore – you know, one million dollars is on the line.

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Invention #1: Chicago, Gas invention – no surprise, a fart invention to kick off the show. THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT. A flatulence deodorizer. Judges are on it, they want an noise muffler, not a smell killer. All no.

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Invention #2: Chicago, Receivers training pole – This guys has 6 kids, we has to win he says. It’s a pole attached to a football player so he catches the ball better. The judges like it. Ut oh, one judge wants volume! Marketing, the music changes! He’s in! New music! Chest bumps!

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Invention #3: A mash up – dog treadmill, fish bowl soda bottle, golf clubs, cup megaphone, nail system – the judges are not pleased. You can tell.

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Invention #4: Chicago, Naked people – it’s a bow that you wear, then take off. The judges don’t like it. But 37 million people do, yay ratings! I think their invention is being naked.

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Invention #5: Chicago, It’s all about sacrifice – quitting jobs, selling wedding rings, sleeping in cars…Bullet ball and bullet ball extreme. One of the judges are going to play! It’s on! Sad music…all he has is bullet ball. The judge says don’t lose your mind. No.all.around. Man, this music is a downer.

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Invention #6: LA, Public restroom lock – It keeps the peeps out. One judge throws some math, how many times are the doors locked, they all seem to think a lot. Yes all around, ok, clearly there is a restroom crisis in the USA, and this woman is going to save us.

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Invention #7: LA, round yup – Video tattooed clothing, waterproof glove, pump bra.

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Invention #8: LA, Nia doll, the first multicultural multilingual doll – she speaks many languages – oh man, the judges asked how much she’s invested in this – the music is starting, yes, that music. One yes, one no, one yes…omg! it’s down to one last judge, it’s a yes! Tears all around!

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Invention #9: Atlanta, 12 year old inventor – invisible tear gas. Ok, this kid is 12 and wants to make tear gas. He came up with the idea by accident, he tried it on his classmates. Yes sir. The judges say no. Might not be a good idea to say no to the kid who makes invisible tear gas.

Tear segment, lots of people crying. And then more people crying, followed by the crying montage.

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Invention #10: Atlanta, Therapy Buddy – It’s a stuffed blue person, it’s your therapy buddy. A very gentle soothing creature. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT. This thing is freaking creepy. The judge says if he needed a doll to tell him that, all is lost. All no. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

We’re back, in Chicago.

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Invention #11: Chicago, The headliner – It absorbs the sweat from your head. She rips off her wig and shows them, anyone who wears a hat or helmet…Ok, one yes. One no. A yes! One last vote…Judge says it’s not a big invention, oh man, heartless. OH MAN, NO. Judge fight! The British judge changes his mind! She’s in!

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Next episode, baby gear, kidneys given up, lifts, more tears!

I’ll keep writing these up guys, but it’s pretty hard – please buy MAKE or something, thx.

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