Do it yourself “Death Clock”

deathclock.jpgI don’t mean to be morbid, but I thought this was a fun clock to make to remind me not to waste time (and always opt for a faster computer)…Here are instructions on making a countdown clock for your Mac which gives a “rough” estimate how much time you have left before you kick the bucket- it’s based on a few stats and health factors.

The first thing you need is an “estimated” date you’ll be departing. I went to and entered all my info. There are other sites that help estimate this, but it was quick. The date it gave me back was Wednesday, July 22, 2072. I guess 67 years or so from now someone might Googlezon me up after absorbing the holographic news in their cortex implant and it’ll turn up this post, wonder how close it’ll be.


Next up, I downloaded Alan’s PlayStation Portable countdown AppleScript from

I replaced the PSP date with my departure date:

set launchdate to date “Wednesday, July 22, 2072 12:00:00 AM”

You can also change the display text to save whatever you’re counting down to.

Compiled it, tested it, then saved it as an application.


On my iMac I leave it running, and fast forward way more commercials now.


I’ve been looking for watch project so I’d have a reason to make my own cool LED/Nixie tube watch, I think this will be it. I better hurry though, I only have 24,464 days left.

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