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Dress made from food bar wrappers (mostly from airplane granola bars!)

Smiling Portrait
Paul (project editor @ MAKE) has a friend who sent this in this GREAT dress made from food wrappers, she writes

…a dress I made out of food bar wrappers. The dress has won two eco fashion shows (one in San Francisco and one in Chicago). Eighty of the 120+ wrappers on the dress came from a flight I took from Chicago to Munich, where I asked everyone on the plane for their granola bar wrapper (which was given to us for breakfast). When the passengers learned why I was collecting wrappers, they were really enthused and wanted to help me out. What excites me about this food bar wrapper dress is collecting wrappers from people in their everyday life… on a flight, watching a movie, going to a baseball game.

More pictures after the jump!Really Catching A Cab

On Orange Bench With Profile

Having A Martini

Back Of Dress Close Up

6 thoughts on “Dress made from food bar wrappers (mostly from airplane granola bars!)

  1. That is neat. How were they connected? A fabric backing, or is it all wrappers? Are they sewn, glued, or welded?
    I imagine that there must be a fabric backing or else it would be pretty uncomfortable ;).

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