Images-34-1 DVD Decrypter was shut down, but now he’s back. I just would like to spread the word and let everyone know, you can now find DVD Decrypter at: After a lot of hard work, I’ve brought the website back! The bad news is I lost all my programers which means unitl I find a new team I will only provide version for download. If you have programming skills please e-mail me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I’m looking for a wide range of people including reverse engineer, C++, C+ or anyone who knows how to update and maintain software programs! Link. Update: Looks like a hoax…

Daniel writes- Anyways I would like to inform you that the DVD Decrypter site you posted at is indeed a fake and a look-alike. The real creator has spoken out and there is way too much evidence showing this website is a hoax. You can see why at I would be grateful if you can remove the link or have a warning on the post and maybe link to the reason why. Thank you

Here’s more sleuthing…

But after further sleuthing, this website is a complete hoax and fake. Someone is impersonating “LIGHTNING UK!” WHOIS information here

Look how the hoax started in post #98 here, read on from there to get a better understanding.

The real LIGHTNING UK! has spoken out against this saying, ” Whilst I appreciate you were probably only trying to help, you could well be making things worse. Macrovision and their solicitors DO read forums you know – especially now – waiting for me to slip up and breech my agreement” (post #115). This clearly states that Macrovision is the one that brought DVD Decrypter down, no doubt.

You can still obtain DVD Decrypter out there but there are some alternatives that aren’t as great, but will work fine. DVD Shrink and DVDFab/ Free DVD.