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The art of crafting in many MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) can be just as sophisticated and as satisfying as being an artisan in the real world. Depending on the complexity invovled it can take a great deal of time to learn all the ins and out of an ingame crafting system. This video How-To is a beginner guide to one element of crafting in the Star Wars Galaxies universe: surveying for materials. Click here to view video (WindowsMedia)…
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Star Wars Galaxies is an MMO based on the Star Wars universe and takes place sometime between the events of episodes IV and V. Within the game are three basic profession categories: combat, entertainer, and crafter; with each player having enough skill points to learn and master several professional across these categories.

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In the case of crafting, there are many routes one can go including specializing in armor, weapons, droids, clothing, food, starships and much more. As a profession crafting is extremely important to the game, as it boasts a player based economy and most items used are created by fellow players.

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The SWG crafting system is fairly complex and requires the ability to gather resources, create prototypes or manufaturing schematics, and experiment with the stats/mod of the created item. The gathering of resources is the first step in the crafting process as each item “recipe” requires specific materials in order to be made. This how to shows you how to take that first step.


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