HOW TO make your own “PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier”

A few days ago I saw the “PowerSquid” on ThinkGeek a very cool 5 outlet power strip that allows you to plug in those bulky square adaptors. I was going to order one, but they were out of stock and I also realized I could make my own, with a total of 8 outlets for almost half the price of the PowerSquid, here’s the simple cheap version…I should start out saying that I love ThinkGeek – this is a quick HOW TO that might come in handy for folks who don’t mind the risk of tripping a circuit breaker or who might want to just add cables to their existing power strips.

Here’s the PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier, very handy and cool if you have lots of things to plug in.

Power Squid-Inuse-2

I figured that I could pick up some cheap power adaptors and plug those in to my own power strip.

For my version, I hit the 99 cent store and picked up 4 “Power strip liberators” You can also get these from Amazon, but they’re about $1.79


Next up. a power strip, I had picked up this one on clearance for $3.99!


Plugging in all the liberators to the power strip (with 5 foot cord) not only gets me 4 spots for the bulky adaptors, but 4 on top for a total of 8 outlets.


All for about $8!

Here’s it is juicing up a lot of gear, I’ve named it the “Spaghetti Monster Outlet Multiplier”.



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