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Introducing…the iPod VR!

IpodvrThis is a bit on the Snowcrash side of Maker projects, but I wanted to see if the new iPod video would foster a new market for VR / LCD goggles. I have two types, one is meant for viewing video full screen, with both eyes – the other is a one screen LCD. Each has their uses with the iPod video and I may actually start using these on some trips when I don’t feel like holding the iPod video the entire time watching a video…So, here are the photos of the iPod video, homemade battery extender, travel case and LCD goggles….I’ve wondering if small portable video devices will eventually spark the VR / LCD goggles you always see in the future sci-fi movies. Since I have a couple pair for projects, I tried it out…

Here’s the travel pack – Cable for the LCD goggles, 9v battery with 5v voltage regulator for extra juice, the iPod video and a battery pack for the LCD goggles. I purchased the LCD goggles about 4-5 months ago from I think they were discontinued, they’re unbranded but they’re pretty good for experiments.

Goggles with case.

Case closed, goggles out, iPod video running. The sound and video all go to the googles.

The goggles flip up if you need to tune back in to meat space.

I had tried to see how hard it would be to work with without a case, and it’s a cable-mess. I think I’ll build a custom case so I have access to to the iPod screen. I could also use a dock that allows IR or RF control too.

As bizarre as it looks, it really works great outside. I’m tempted to take them on my next flight, the reactions might be more fun than the videos I’m watching.

I have a single LCD goggle too, I like this one the best since I can glance over and see what the video has.

I have to use headphones directly on the iPod for these goggles.

Packed in case, playing.

VR to go.

I like these for “just in time” video. Imagine aircraft/industrial/etc… workers being able to watch a video on specific assembly while working on the craft/things as needed. From schematics to 3D renderings the iPod (or something like it) plus some pretty cheap goggles might work out well for specific scenarios.

Overall, I’m not sure if the iPod VR idea will take off, but a small cheap pair of LCD goggles might make a much better viewing experience for log videos.

Once OLEDs start shipping, we could embed them in glasses and have a wireless video way of display – could be interesting.

And as soon as I get time, controlling iTunes and iPods with a VR glove!

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