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MAKE VIDEO PODCAST: “Glimpses of How it’s made, Six-Minute Manufacturing”

MAKE is thrilled to offer this free 35 minute film for download! – “Glimpses of How it’s made” – a tour of how many things in our world are made, each segment is 6 minutes (hence the full name “Six-Minute Manufacturing Glimpses of How it’s made”). Learn about, get inspired, and see how it’s made: LectroSonics (wireless microphones), Rose’s Southwest Papers (paper converting), Accurate Custom (Injection Molding), Mega Corp. (water haulage equipment), Earthstone International (recycled glass abrasives), Butterman Tool (tool and die), Eclipse Aviation (small jet aircraft), Optical Insights (optical equipment). This film is high quality, 166 MB M4V and will play on video iPods, as well as any PC/Mac with the latest version of QuickTime. To get this video delivered automatically to your computer/iPod click here to subscribe to the MAKE audio and video feed. Video provided by Blue Canyon productions and Manuflix.(Review from Library Journal, March 2004)

This video will fascinate the curious with an inside look into the creation of our high-tech world. The underlying message here is that although machines make products and components, people with education in math and science are ultimately responsible for these machines. We can all relate to some of the products shown, including toilet paper, jet airplanes, and microscope parts. The visits to eight factories offer a brief “wow,” with machines shooting out materials. Though professionals offer some explanation of the various processes, this video is more a stimulus to encourage students to stay in school, have a vision, and work to make their vision possible. Recommended for school and undergraduate libraries.
-Debbie Rzepczynski, Lake Cty. P.L., Merrillville, IN


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