Maker of the day – Kelly Dobson, Voice-activated blenders

Maker04TnToday’s Maker from our new book Makers – Kelly Dobson, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Voice-activated blenders. Getting the blenders to know when you’re talking to them is no mean feat. Dobson programmed algorithms in C++ into 1GHz VIA Epia microprocessors mounted inside each blender, and to get them to work, she imitates the blenders with low, guttural motor sounds. “You have to make sure you have the roughness of a blender, so you might get him started with a rrrrrRRRRRRR,” says Dobson. When she raises the tone, they speed up. Friends have given her the nickname Monster. Makers: page 66. View photo! See previous Makers of the day here. View sample PDF. Click here to get Makers the book before the holidays!
Kelly Dobson, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Voice-activated blenders.

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