I love the inspiring new mobile that artist Lisa Congdon made from her scissors collection. It’s currently on display in her shop, Rare Device, so stop by if you live in SF to check it out in person. Link.

28 thoughts on “Scissors Mobile @ Rare Device

  1. That’s the most unnerving thing I’ve seen all day. All I could think of when looking at that is standing under it & having one of those strings break and one of those scissors come down on my neck and paralyze or kill me or something. I have been trained in safety here & there & that is the last thing in the world I would ever put up in my house. How about just use kitchen knives- eeep.

  2. Hi all, I am the person who made this. It’s over a VERY large table and VERY securely fashioned with very strong fishing wire. If it were to fall, it would go straight onto the table. Also, no one is recommending you put this in your house.

  3. Ha! I think that a pair of scissors would have to be falling from a pretty great height to paralyze or kill you. It looks awesome, Lisa!

  4. This is great! Really beautiful. Mind you, even with a large table underneath, I would end up losing an eye. But still…very nice!

  5. It’s probably not dangerous, but I do think it’s not that gteat, either. So you hung some unremarkable scissors from two loops. Yawn.

  6. If a chandelier fell on you, it wouldn’t feel any better than this mobile but somehow people manage to live with them anyway…

  7. I adore it! and I this it’s very exciting.
    love ths concept… and would love to have one of this in my craft area ;))

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