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The Jukebox Challenge!

JukeboxGarth from Extreme Craft writes “The Jukebox Challenge! I’m really excited to see if some people will throw down on this, because I think it’s an amazing idea, but I don’t quite have the tech chops for it yet. There are zillions of great old vinyl jukeboxes out there, but they’re incredibly finnicky to maintain. The challenge would be to create an MP3 interface for a real jukebox that would be as minimally invasive as possible…”The ideal would be to store a full album on each of the slots of the jukebox (i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, etc). When you push the letter key and the number key on the jukebox, that would tell the mp3 player (or rather, attached computer) to play that album. Perhaps multiple album selections would form a queue…maybe there could be a button to reset the queue…

Old jukeboxes can be insane-cheap! It would be great if somebody would come through with a great way to rescue them. I’ve got an old Wurlitzer “Zodiac” model jukebox from the 70’s, but the mechanical part that plays the records and accepts the coins are way to fussy. Any help putting this before the MAKE gods would be much appreciated.

In MAKE 04 we have an article about filling a retro hi-fi with an MP3 ripping and playback system, perhaps a good place to start!


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