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Buy a damaged Prius and salvage the running gear/innards for use in your own creation – Too much to spend on an art car for Burning Man but serious gearheads could do something interesting with this… Thanks Paul! Link.

Update: “Fety” in the comments says that the site is selling “access” to listings for $15 (and is unhappy about that) – our post was pointing out that dead Priuses exist and could be used for projects, we do not endorse or have anything to do with the site(s) besides thinking that dead Priuses are interesting.

26 thoughts on “Trashed Toyota Prius Hybrids For sale

  1. DO NOT register on this site It is a misleading faudulent site! All they give you “access” to is links to a different site ( anyone can find on Google. As well as Goverment auctions, transportation companies, etc. Here! I’ll save you $15 and show you what you get!

    what a jerk, huh? I’m sure the guy running this site posted this on Make. And I bet he’s laughing his way to the bank with my $15.

  2. Of course, after reading this I HAD to go to the site….

    I would hope that most MAKE fans would be savvy enough to avoid basic marketing and find it on their own. Guess not.

    Not only did Fety (evidently) fork over $15 for info “anyone can find on google” (his words- let the irony sink in for a moment), but he doesn’t notice that items posted here are posted ONLY by the staff.

    Look at the bottom of the post-it’s there…..

  3. yeah… it’s sunk in alright. Unfortunately I jumped the gun. From what I understood these sites gain you “access” to auctions and such that I believed were somewhat underground and it would make sense to have to pay for something like that. But now you kinda have to or don’t have to wonder why you see the same ads in the classifieds of the newspaper. They’re out to get some money from you for something you could find on your own. You live, you learn. FARK! *smacks head*

  4. Wow!

    You got up to speed FAST!

    “They’re out to get some money from you for something you could find on your own.” or MAKE on your own- nothing wrong with that, as many people won’t/can’t connect the dots on their own. In this case, a $15 fee may save them an hour or two of fruitless searching. If you make $45k/yr as a HR manager, and suck at computers, this might seem to be a good use of money to save time.

    What these type of people would do with a wrecked prius is beyond me, however! :)

    Yes, the ads in the paper are the same deal many times.Or the ads on ebay selling a LIST of where you can buy that 19″ lcd monitor, for 19.99. Sure looks like a great deal on a monitor at first….

    Buy a $100 ticket for a chance to win the $75000 classic muscle car! ( they dont mention that you probably will owe $25k+ to the IRS after you ‘win’ to keep the car…)

    “Fill out this form completely, and win free use of this car for a year” – you do win, but any entry will enter the direct marketing lists of as many companies they can sell it to, so prepare for the mail and phone calls. ( If you dont put in your phone #, you DIDNT fill out the form completely, and dont qualify for the free car. You will still get mail however. The info is just worth a little less to the buyers of such without the ph#)

    NOT scams, just ways people use the greed of others to their advantage. Tasty bait= sharp hook….if it looks too good, it might hold a surprise.

    Glad you are enlightened now!

  5. thanks for the warning on it did look good but im always sceptical when all i see is an email under contact us info.

  6. I appreciate the warning! As soon as I ran in to the site I googled it and ended up here, thanks for saving me $15.00

  7. Fety,
    Thank you for the post. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with some information regarding seized vehicles by the government. Thanks!

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