While doing research on a Make: Books project, I came across this awesome site of engineering information covering materials, design, processes, engineering formulas and math, all sorts of delectable goodies. The site has the unfortunate name eFunda (I thought it was an online lender or something). It stands for “Engineering Fundamentals.”

EFunda prides themselves on the fact that all of the content on their site is original and done by people who actually know what they’re talking about. What a concept! This is a definite must-bookmark.

Milling: Column-and-Knee Manual Mill
Below is illustrated a typical column-and-knee type manual mill. Such manual mills are common in job shops that specialize in parts that are low volume and quickly fabricated. Such job shops are often termed “model shops” because of the prototyping nature of the work.


The parts of the manual mill are separated below. The knee moves up and down the column on guideways in the column. The table can move in x and y on the knee, and the milling head can move up and down.


eFunda – Link