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High altitude ballooning on Canadian TV

The Canadian TV series, Les Pieds dans la Marge, had a successful adventure in high altitude ballooning, rising to a lofty 92,303 feet above the earth. That’s well into the near-space atmospheric region – their cameras captured some really amazing photos!

  • Check out the Hi-res photo gallery – Link
  • Watch the full episode (174mb divx file) – Link
  • Les Pieds dans la Marge on – Link

Sadly they reported no signs of our old buddy AHAB –


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4 thoughts on “High altitude ballooning on Canadian TV

  1. mattyfu says:

    so…when is MAKE: going to make a AHAB shirt? Maybe a milk carton missing child type thing, I guess that make anger some people, how about a characature of it over the heart and the text “AHAB lives on in our hearts”.
    1 year anniversary?

  2. JS says:

    Sorry ! My .mac account is dead because of to much trafic so no more picts and no more video

    Sorry again

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