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Often, a company will attempt to break a world-record, or release a “crazy” web video to promote their generally unrelated product. What’s unusual is when that publicity stunt is actually really cool! John writes in –

The world’s largest and most powerful air vortex cannon.
The site has a video of the cannon blowing out candles from 180 feet away! There’s also a behind the scenes video that shows how it was made. flash site – Link

DIY Airzooka
DIY Airzooka – Link

6 thoughts on “Mammouth airzooka

  1. If you could find the right tunnel, you could make two end caps to be bolted on and turn the tunnel into an even bigger air cannon.

    This could be useful for a low-budget nuclear explosion or “chi blast” effect.

  2. the Pizza Machine in Springfield, Illinois has a 6 foot long by 3 foot diameter airzookavortexblower that you can play with inside the restaruant. It looks neat under the smart scan lights and laser in the restaruant. oh, they have 60 inch pizza too. Those guys need to send in makezine submissions… they are way cool

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