Regine at We Make Money Not Art posted a nice roundup of the interesting projects going on at Kitchen Budapest. She writes:

Kitchen Budapest, a new media lab which opened its doors in June 2007, invites researchers, designers and artists to explore the convergence of mobile communication, online communities and urban space but also their impact on our society. Its director is Adam Somlai-Fischer whose work with Aether Architecture you probably know.

Some of the prototypes presented in January were developed over several months, others took only a couple of weeks to form. KiBu is sponsored by a telecom company but that doesn’t mean that its projects stop at the end of the phone antenna: the KiBuists are having fun with blenders, lamps, games, plants, gym, etc.

Kitchen Budapest art tech projects on WMMNA including Textmower, a modified lawn mower which cuts patterns in the grass – Link.