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NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday had a nice report on our growing DIY culture, featuring brief interviews with Instructables’ Eric Wilhelm, Etsy’s Rob Kalin, and our own Phil Torrone –

“If you just Google anything in your home, there’s probably a hack or a mod for it,” Torrone says. “And there’s probably someone who’s completely obsessed with it, there’s probably someone who has completely taken something apart, completely tweaked it out, made it better.”
[. . .]
Once a month, there’s a meet-up at Make’s New York office. The January get-together drew 42-year-old Dave Giancaspro, who showed off a charging station for iPods and video-game gear. He’d made it out of plastic packaging from his kids’ toys.

The slogan on his T-shirt: “I void warranties.”

Listen to or read the full story on – Link

2 thoughts on “Make on NPR

  1. I heard this story on my way to church Sunday and it was GREAT! Phil especially did a great job representing the MAKE: community. Amazingly enough, the story in general worked hard to not label ‘hackers’ as bad and pointed out that there is a culture out there who only want to play.

    Nice work!

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