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Portal projects

People love Portal!
(FYI: Portal = popular video game from Valve software.)
Exhibit A: Recreation of the PC cases found in the game
Nick writes –

You’ve got a stock PC, but don’t have enough cash to build a new one. Well…Mod it! After seeing me play a little of portal, my wife liked the look of the Aperture Center computer cases. So I decided to turn my stock PC into a “Portal PC.” Enjoy!

Game reference or not, that’s a fine looking machine. – Link


and Exhibit B: The companion cube shaped tissue box

After playing Portal, I needed my very own companion cube, but didn’t want some cube cluttering up my desk. So after spending some time in the hobby store, I found a nice cube shaped tissue box holder, and thus my useful companion cube was born. – Link

Perhaps a game based heavily upon physics has a tendency to become physical?



Inspired by work seen here, Francis cooked up this neat weighted companion cube candle – complete with a how-to
Thanks Francis!

16 thoughts on “Portal projects

  1. Portal isn’t just a 360 game, it is also a PC and PS3 game. In this case I’d probably go with “(Portal is a popular video game from valve.)” so you’re not singling out a single console.

  2. I would like to mention it was released for the uber PC people before it was for any console lock in suckers. Support developers not microsoft or sony, and buy it for PC! sorry had to get that off my chest.

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