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Easter’s coming early this year, so I’m trying to plan ahead. Decorating Eggs, by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell (try saying that in one breath!), is my new best friend. For the past few years, I’ve dyed my eggs in onion skins with leaves for decoration (check out this Instructable for a how-to), but this year I’m thinking to try something different. This book has a ton of great suggestions. Some are simple, kid-friendly egg decorating projects, like painting faces on them with acrylic and filling them with dirt to grow cress hair or making an egg “bird” mobile with origami paper. Others are a little more sophisticated, like scrafitto, or felted wool egg cozies (see above), latex resist, or even using engravings from books to make very fancy eggs indeed.
The how-to illustrations are charming and clear, and there’s a good run-down on which type of egg is best for each project.

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