RollTube rick rolls every YouTube video

RollTube – the rick roll firefox extension from fffffat labs on Vimeo. labs writes:

RollTube is a Rick Roll Firefox Extension that switches every YouTube video with the infamous Rick Roll video. The experience has been described as “like the whole internet ganging up and rick rolling you at the same time”. We say: great to install across all the machines in your office / lab / classroom. RollTube is cross platform and needs no special admin rights to install!

RollTube Firefox extension (open source, too) – Link.

36 thoughts on “RollTube rick rolls every YouTube video

  1. Because Make loves BoingBoing, and BoingBoing loves Fark, and Rick Rolls on Fark are a common and well loved/hated meme, and even better than Rick Rolling someone with one link is to Rick Roll their entire interweb. Think of it as a TV-B-Gone in reverse… for your friends, who will thank you in the end.

  2. @Lurch:
    MAKE’s never gonna give you up
    MAKE’s never gonna let you down
    MAKE’s never gonna run around and desert you
    MAKE’s never gonna make you cry
    MAKE’s never gonna say goodbye
    MAKE’s never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    tl;dr it’s a meme, let it be.

  3. @Lurch: There’s actually a pretty big movement to get Rick Astley to enforce his copyright on the song, take all copies of it off youtube, and therefore END the RickRoll once and for all. You can sign the petition at

  4. Actually, the VH1 “Pop-Up Video” version of the classic RickRoll is pretty funny.

    If any Youtube Admins happen to read this site, Linking all videos to a RickRoll for April Fools would be EPIC.

  5. This post is awful. I thought MAKE was about creating something cool and unique from nothing or modding something. All this post does is encourage people to trash someone else’s work. Inspiring anger and frustration in a user is not in the spirit of MAKE. Why don’t you just cut your neighbor’s power lines for a laugh. How about painting your Mom’s TV orange?

    MAKE something!

  6. Good idea, I’m totally gonna go paint my mom’s TV orange, she watches that thing way too much anyway. Talk about culture jamming!!

  7. Yeah, this is cool ‘n’ all, but…ummm…HOW THE FU*K DO I REMOVE IT? *Caps Lock Off* I’ve disabled and uninstalled the addon but I keep getting rickrolled. Damn you.

    I bet you’re laughing your ass off by this, but plx help me? kthxbye

  8. I uninstalled them all BTW. But something tells me it’s the stealth profile that’s been screwing with me…

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