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Another good item for the ever-growing “How to make a memorable business card” category:
Sean writes –

I work part time as an organic chemistry tutor. I designed this laser-cut business card to include a drawing template to help my students with one of the most difficult diagrams they must master in o-chem. Both the forward and the reverse image (obtained by flipping the card over) are useful.

For those wondering, the diagram or “chair” in question depicts a “saturated 6-membered molecular ring”. Hit up Sean’s site for more info – business card/drawing template page

Having a strong card design can be extremely helpful – If you’re brainstorming, consider some card concepts we’ve covered in the past.



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  1. Actually all sorts of molecules have saturated 6-membered molecular rings. Cyclohexane is just the simplest and the one that everybody learns first. Glucose, for instance, in its cyclic form, has a chair structure. So do cycloethers like tetrahydropyran and dioxane, as well as the huge number of simply substituted cyclohexanes like cyclohexanol.

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