Arduino Wearables
Cat bag / Cuddle bag



This chic pet-substitute responds to touch with pulsing blue LED ‘eyes’ and a purring effect courtesy of Lilypad vibe boards. Two Lilypad Arduinos run the animal simualtion and the touch contact is implemented via conductive fabric layers –

For this, I made two layers of fabric. One with three pieces conductive fabric that goes out to the Lilypad and underneath the other that excists of one layer. In between I used an combination of fleece & cotton jersey with holes in it. The holes give the fabric the opportunity to connect by touching each other when you rub against it.

The Cat Bag / Cuddle Bag was created as part of the ‘Designing Hybrid wearables’ workshop at Mediamatic Amsterdam


Lilypad Arduino

HOW TO – Make and use conductive glue and thread