Periodic table rings

Periodic Rings-1

For the affluent lover-of-the-elemtents – consider these self-descriptive “periodic rings“. @ $6,500USD for the platinum version, one might enjoy the fact that any onlooker can tell what it’s made of. Hmm, seems there’s no “Al” version available – I declare a remake!


Making elemental earrings on the CNC mill

Dynamic Periodic Table and MASSIVE Periodic Table round up

In the Maker store:

Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments

18 thoughts on “Periodic table rings

  1. really? im wearing a O2 ring too :D
    i *like* how its the 3 popular jewelry elements but i wouldn’t mind an aluminum one or maybe even an iron/steel/stainless one

  2. I wonder if you go through all 110 if Captain Periodic Table appears?

    Hmn…The Krypton ring might be sorta cool…in a Lex Luther sorta way….

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