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Mod your Xbox 360 to run from PC power

This mod project shows how to power a Xbox 360 using an old PC power supply. Especially handy if you have multiple copies of the gaming consoles and don’t want to shell out the big bucks for the official Microsoft supplies.

360 Powered By PC PSU

6 thoughts on “Mod your Xbox 360 to run from PC power

  1. Ironically, the Llamma sells an adapter ($15) so you don’t have ot void any warranties or anything, just plug into the atx psu and the xbox. PSU requirements are 16.5 amps and the 12v rail and 1 amp on the 5vsb rail. The xbox psu it 203 watts.

  2. Anyone doing this mod must remeber to make sure to cool the 360 right or you will get ROD down the road somewhere as this is heart and it will kill the system.

    good luck

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