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Measure your car’s speed with a Wiimote

This hack shows you how to use a Wiimote, GlovePie, and a Bluetooth dongle to measure your car’s acceleration. Pretty cool idea and some nice graphs at the link below.

Wii DIY HACK – Using your Wiimote to measure your car’s acceleration!

10 thoughts on “Measure your car’s speed with a Wiimote

  1. Hehe, after seeing the other wiimote hacks, i was thinking of just this on my drive home today. This should make doing it allot easier :P

  2. Even though this measures acceleration rather than velocity (inertial navigation, anyone?) it would be fun to see how many lateral G’s your Veyron pulled just before it started to slide!

  3. Integrating accelerometer data to produce speed can’t really be trusted due to the compound error. Double integrating it to get distance is even worse. It’ll improve a little bit if you filter it first though, still wouldn’t trust it.

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