Make your own wireless network detector

Ever wonder how many wireless networks you are entering during your morning commute? Sure there are commercial network detectors out there and your laptop will do the trick as well, but what’s more fun than actually building your own device to discover all the networks around you?

Giving Yourself a Sixth Sense for Wireless Networks [via]

6 thoughts on “Make your own wireless network detector

  1. Title: “Change the method of reading the output of an already pre-made WiFi Detector”

    There. Fixed that for you.

  2. @Cap’n O-

    Well, ‘they’ modified an existing product. A MAKE if you will. Soooo…

    “MAKE your own wireless network detector” would be correct. Merely a problem of upper and lower case in the title.

    Ball is in your court, Jonah!

  3. Not sure how I double posted 1hr and 1min apart…


    Now its telling me I am entering the incorrect security code..4 times in a row?!?


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