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Continuing on our Maker tour of NYC… Canal street, NYC is an interesting place – you’d think there would only be room for one acrylic / lasering plastic store, nope! There’s two in eye-sight of each other. Our next stop for sheets of acrylic, plastics, plexi-glass, lucite and vinyl and more was T&T Plastic Land, one block away from another plastics store.

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Previous we stopped in Canal street plastics, I’d say the selection is about the same – as are the prices, Canal street plastics seems to stock more in the customer areas to check out while T&T seems to be more business to business oriented. T&T did have a bin of scrap acrylic and that’s pretty much the reason I stop in when I pass the store – always something good/cheap to test out or use for a project. Also, their tiny cubes are cheaper than Canal street plastics for those who are cost sensitive when buying acrylic cubes, more photos.

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2 thoughts on “T&T Plastic Land NYC

  1. I just had the WORST experience I have ever had with a NY business.

    I called about the price of an 8 x 8 ft circular mirror made and the owner, TONY was extremely rude and offensive. He hung up me on twice, just because he thought i was trying to negotiate the price. He said that he would charge me $600, so i asked him what was the price for the mirror film (which was $280) and what was the price for the laser cutting. He was very rude, and while i was still talking he told me to have a good day and hung up. I was perplexed and called back, thinking that he might have been confused, but he was even more aggressive and told that he had already hung up on me and that I was wasting his time. I insisted that the only thing i needed to know was the price for the laser cutting (because I had to let my client know), but he didn’t let me speak and hung up again without letting me ask him when could he have it ready.

    Honestly, I wasn’t trying to negotiate the price, I was willing to pay the $600 and I only needed to ask him how long would it take him to fabricate it. I AM SHOCKED by being treated like this and yelled at over the phone. I can’t believe the owner of T&T Plastic Land can be able to treat a client so badly, his attitude was extremely disappointing and disgraceful.

    By the way, after this episode I called Canal St Plastics and they can get the job done for $425. I’ve had great experiences with Canal Plastics, they have always been efficient and respectful and I highly recommend them over T&T Plastics.

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