Gloggomobil : Programmable barrel-organ

Dug sent in his write-up about the Gloggomobil. It’s a really cool, and very expensive, programmable barrel organ that is screaming for a remake. You can start with the keys from a toy xylophone. Read more about the Gloggomobil & the Product Page


12 thoughts on “Gloggomobil : Programmable barrel-organ

  1. Cool! I saw one of these in the Schwarzwald Museum in Triberg, Germany. (The Black Forest is known for mechanical instruments). I thought the museum made it. Glad to see that it’s available.

  2. I was working on designs on something similar last year, but rather than the glock chimes, the hammers hit piezo’d metal pieces. Didn’t work out so well. in the end it was to be a wind-up drum machine with some type of governor to adjust tempo. The trick is to get the holes straight for the pegs.. Maybe next year.

  3. One of the projects in Eccentric Cubicle is Hammerhead Live ( which takes this basic concept and expands the reach and angle of the hammers to let it whack a noise out of just about anything. If you add peizo triggers to the face of each hammer, you can use it as a trigger for your electronic percussion module.

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