If you are like me, you hate to sweep and are too poor to buy a “Roomba”. This BristleBot project by 11th grade programming wiz, Erin Kennedy, is a pretty simple way of getting some basic cleaning done and watching the bot scuttle around on the kitchen floor is pretty fun too.

Bristlebot @ RobotGrrl

16 thoughts on “Build a BristleBot to clean up your apartment

  1. I wonder if bristle-bots like this could be enhanced with micro-controlled oscillation patterns (possibly needing additional motors as well) to facilitate RF/IR/bluetooth/fill-in-the-blank-communication remote steering and speed control. Or does a notion like that defeat the simple elegance of a vibro-bot?

  2. Isn’t that a Dougall? From Neil A. Downie’s “Vacuum Bazookas, etc” book? Well done though, and looks like it really moves!

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